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Water to air intercooler

A water-to-air intercooler is an intercooler that exchanges heat between water and air. The water is pumped through an intercooler to transfer heat from the charging tubes to the water. This type of unit can be installed anywhere and only needs to be run through water. Because of its water flow requirements, this type of intercooler requires a water pump, a water tank, and a water heat exchanger installed in a location that can receive good airflow.

Air to water intercooler solve the heat soak problem by continuously circulating coolant through the intercooler, and one of the advantages is that water conducts heat much better than air. Water absorbs and dissipates heat more efficiently than air. This means a compact liquid to air intercooler is just as efficient as air-to-air, and has a constant circulation of fresh liquid through the core for more consistent intake air temperatures. Additionally, since these intercoolers are not directly dependent on the air source, they can be placed anywhere in the engine bay, which is critical to maintaining efficiency through the system, and air to water intercooler is smaller in size than air-to-air intercooler, which meas more freedom in space.

What ADV can provide,

  • 100% customized according to your inquiry or drawings. Precision casting mold/Gravity casting mold/ Sand casting mold and various welding ways are available.

  • The same good cooling performance as the original parts.

  • Quick response from technical team.

  • Fast production & delivery time.

  • 12 months warranty time.

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