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Chang Zhou ADV Heat Exchanger Co.,Ltd, is a professional Chinese bar plate heat exchanger manufacturer for various cooling solutions for Machinery, Electronic, Hydraulic & Lubricant System, Compressed Air & Gas, New Generation, Automotive and Various Industry Applications …


We design, test and manufacture wide ranges of brazed aluminum heat exchangers, copper and brass tube coolers, plate coolers, stainless steel coolers for Oil, Air (compressed and charged air) and Water/Glycol mixtures, according to the special application requirements.


Advantage, Development ,Value is our mission and which we can always offer to our customers.

  • Thermal modeling software

  • Analytical tools

  • 3D solid modeling

  • Failure mode

  • Effects analysis (FMEA)

Sales Service
  • Get an answer from our sales service team within 8 hours, tec issue, delivery Time, warranty question, shipment arrangement

  • We stay at your disposal anytime