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chinese heat exchanger supplier

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Chang Zhou ADV Heat Exchanger Co.,Ltd, is a professional Chinese bar plate heat exchanger manufacturer for various cooling solutions for Machinery, Electronic, Hydraulic & Lubricant System, Compressed Air & Gas, New Generation, Automotive and Various Industry Applications …


We design, test and manufacture wide ranges of brazed aluminum heat exchangers, copper and brass tube coolers, plate coolers, stainless steel coolers for Oil, Air (compressed and charged air) and Water/Glycol mixtures, according to the special application requirements.


Advantage, Development ,Value is our mission and which we can always offer to our customers.

  • Thermal modeling software

  • Analytical tools

  • 3D solid modeling

  • Failure mode

  • Effects analysis (FMEA)

Sales Service
  • Get an answer from our sales service team within 8 hours, tec issue, delivery Time, warranty question, shipment arrangement

  • We stay at your disposal anytime

  • Vacuum Brazing Furances:
    1 Unit of 12 meters length 
    1 Unit of 9 meters length 
    1 Unit of 7 meters length         3 Units of 2.7 meters length

QC control
  • Well designed manufacturing process

  • The production engineer checks the production link from time to time every day.

Product Service
  • 3D model Drawing

  • Calculation Data Performance

  • Analyse Pressure Drop

  • Analyse Fast Prototype

  • Building Various Testing

  • Available N15085 Welding Standard

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After-sale Service
  • 12 Month Global Warranty

  • Lifetime technical guidance



We mechanically design every new bar plate heat exchanger package using 3D CAD software (SolidWorks) for our customers.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capability and Thermal Energy Simulation .


We offer full compliance engineered solutions to meet the demanding requirements for different industrial usage, welcome contact us for more technical support.

heat exchanger supplier
heat exchanger supplier
heat exchanger supplier


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