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Custom Manufacturing Oil Cooler

The main function of the oil cooler is to cool the lubricating oil of the engine and the oil cooling zone in the hydraulic system. It is an important part of automobile engine cooling system. Nowadays, car oil coolers mostly use multi-layer densely arranged zigzag type staggered fin all-aluminum oil coolers. This type of oil cooler is small in size, light in weight, and has cooling efficiency. High, but the overall structure of the oil cooler is complex. At the same time, it has very strict requirements on the sealing and corrosion resistance of the oil cooler. The precise and high-quality connection between the oil cooler and the cooling system finally realizes the precise and reliable connection.

ADV is a bar plate heat exchanger manufacturer in China, providing OEM oil cooler design and more customized services, focusing on product performance and high-efficiency services, allowing us to gain the trust of more customers. We are working hard to become your reliable supplier and look forward to establishing contact with you.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler with Fan

An hydraulic oil cooler is a device designed to prevent oil used in hydraulic systems from overheating. This is a critical function in hydraulic systems, as overheating of the oil can lead to a drop in system efficiency and excessive wear of the system components in general due to reduced oil viscosity.


In most cases, the coolers allow the oil to shed accumulated thermal energy into a secondary medium, typically water or air, by passing the hot oil through a series of thin tubes exposed to a constant flow of low temperature cooling medium. The cooling medium absorbs heat from the oil and carries it away from the cooler, where it is typically shed into the atmosphere. Common hydraulic oil cooler designs include radiator, shell and tube, or plate and frame types.

ADV has rich design and production experience, which is our confidence to provide you with efficient industrial hydraulic oil cooler.

Fan driven type 

 ADV can propose the typical solution in front of the engine, where the ordinary fan assembled on the shaft of the engine; blowing the air through the cooler elements.

Sometimes the above solution is not enough; in this case, ADV can propose the fan driven, prepared or with hydraulic motor.We can develop different kinds of combined cooling solutions for various applications. 

Gross power to cool down

ADV have satisfied cooling need from 40kw to more than 750kw in different latitudes of the world and with extreme ambient temperature between the -20°C to the +55°C

Fluid combinations

There are different fluids to cool down in a system where the power came from a diesel engine, and ADV can propose single or combined cooler according to your situation.

The combinations available are in accordance to the efficiency to reach and the space available so the solutions can be as side-by-side, overlap, vertical and horizontal.

what WE DO

EN15085 welding standard
Environmental protection materials
C5 Antiseptic Treatment
12 Month Global Warranty

We Care About Quality

In addition to various inspections during the production process, we also have final inspections, and moreover, we can also provide various additional inspection services.

ADV pay more attention to quality as you do.

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