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Custom Aluminum Radiators

Aluminum radiator refers to the use of liquid to forcefully circulate the heat of the radiator under the drive of a pump. Compared with air cooling, it has the advantages of quietness, stable cooling, and less dependence on the environment. The heat dissipation performance of the water-cooled radiator is directly proportional to the flow rate of the cooling fluid (water or other liquid), and the flow rate of the cooling fluid is related to the power of the water pump in the refrigeration system

The core of the radiator should have enough flow area for the coolant to pass through, and at the same time, it should have enough air flow area to allow enough air to pass through to take away the heat transferred from the coolant to the radiator. At the same time, it must have enough heat dissipation area to complete the heat exchange between the coolant, air and the heat sink.

ADV is a bar plate heat exchanger manufacturer in China, providing OEM aluminum radiators and more customized services, focusing on product performance and high-efficiency services, allowing us to gain the trust of more customers. We are working hard to become your reliable supplier and look forward to establishing contact with you.



  • Chinese radiator manufaturer, reasonable price

  • Perfect production/testing/sampling process

    Burst pressure test

  • Efficient production lead time

  • Various customized /OEM radiators services

  • Team and engineers with 20 years of experience


what WE DO

EN15085 welding standard
Environmental protection materials
C5 Antiseptic Treatment
12 Month Global Warranty

We Care About Quality

In addition to various inspections during the production process, we also have final inspections, and moreover, we can also provide various additional inspection services.

ADV pay more attention to quality as you do.

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