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Aluminium radiator

Custom Aluminium Coolers For Construction Machinery

ADV can design and produce cooling systems for excavators, loaders, pump trucks, concrete mixers, cranes, drilling rigs, road rollers, pavers, bulldozers.

Aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers are favored by construction machinery related fields because of their high strength and high heat dissipation efficiency.

In addition to the application of hydraulic systems, plate-fin heat exchangers have entered the entire heat dissipation module of construction machinery including engine radiators.


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Features of Aluminum Bar-Plate Heat Exchanger

Aluminum bar plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchange equipment. It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size and high heat transfer efficiency, and is widely used in various fields such as chemical industry, fertilizer, air separation equipment, natural gas liquefaction and so on. Compared with the traditional shell and tube structure, the unit heat transfer area is 5-10 times larger and the weight is reduced by 80%-85%.

  • Good economy. Due to its compact structure and small size, it is made of aluminum alloy and its weight is very light.

  •  Lightweight and strong. Because the fins are very thin, generally 0.2-0.3mm, the heat exchanger has a compact structure and small size. The heat exchanger is generally made of aluminum, so the weight is very light. At the same time, the fin is both the main heat exchange surface and the two The support of the partition is therefore very strong. For example, a plate-fin heat exchanger made of 0.7mm thick flat baffles and 0.2mm thick fins can withstand a pressure of 4MPa gauge pressure.

  • Compact structure. The heat transfer area per unit volume can generally reach 1500-2500m2/m3, up to 5000m2/m3. As far as the heat transfer area per unit volume is concerned, the plate-fin heat exchanger is 2--5 times that of the fin-tube heat exchanger.

  • High heat transfer efficiency. Due to the turbulence of the fin convection, the boundary layer continues to rupture, thus having a large heat transfer coefficient; at the same time, the materials used (aluminum and aluminum alloy) have high thermal conductivity and a small equivalent diameter, so the plate-fin exchange The heat exchanger can achieve high efficiency, and the heat transfer coefficient of air under forced convection can reach 350W/m2·℃.

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