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Customer Care Center

Dear ADV customer,Thanks for choosing us as your cooling solution supplier, We value all of your opinions and feedback, every messages from you will be highly valued, and help us improving and innovation.

1.Sales Service: Were you satisfied with the sales service we provide you?

2.1) What do you think of ADV's product prices?

2.2) Are there any quality problems during the use of the cooler?

2.3) If there is any quality problems, do you received timely support from ADV?

2.4) Do you have more suggestions for ADV's products and services?

3. Delivery & Package

3.1) Have you received any coolers with damaged packaging?

3.2) Do you satisfied with ADV's delivery time and process management?

Thank you for your time and submit the above information!

ADV's growth is inseparable from your every support and help. We will continue to progress and grow, and  develop together with you while becoming a more reliable supplier.

2. Products Service

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