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Custom Charge Air Cooler

A charge air cooler is a unit used in diesel engines to cool air after leaving the compressor and before it gets to the engine intake manifold. Cooling of charge air increases its density resulting in increased engine power and reduced fuel consumption. charge air cooler manufacturers use either vacuum brazing or controlled atmospheric brazing processes to meet the desired performance requirements. 

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Functions of Charge Air Cooler/Intercooler

  • The temperature of the exhaust gas discharged from the engine is very high, and the cooler through the supercharger will increase the temperature of the intake air. Data shows that under the same air-fuel ratio, the engine power can be increased by 3% to 5% for every 10°C drop in the temperature of the charge air.

  •  If the uncooled supercharged air enters the combustion chamber, in addition to affecting the charging efficiency of the engine, it is also easy to cause the engine combustion temperature to be too high, cause knocking and other malfunctions, and increase the NOx content in the engine exhaust gas. , Causing air pollution.

  •  Reduce engine fuel consumption.

  • Improve the adaptability to altitude. In high-altitude areas, the use of intercooler can use a compressor with a higher pressure ratio, which allows the engine to get more power and improves the adaptability of the car.

  •  Improve supercharger matching and adaptability.

charge air cooler

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EN15085 welding standard
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C5 Antiseptic Treatment
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In addition to various inspections during the production process, we also have final inspections, and moreover, we can also provide various additional inspection services.

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