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Aluminium Combi Coolers


Heat exchangers can be connected in series, in parallel, or in series and parallel combinations, which are used to deal with working conditions where a single heat exchanger cannot meet the requirements.

The combined radiator is suitable for environments that require multiple media to dissipate heat. Through the welding process, the different cores are assembled into one to achieve multiple heat dissipation, while reducing the space occupied by the radiator and further improving efficiency.

ADV is a bar plate heat exchanger manufacturer in China, providing product design, production and more customized services, focusing on product performance and high-efficiency services, allowing us to gain the trust of more customers. We are working hard to become your reliable supplier and look forward to establishing contact with you.


what WE DO

EN15085 welding standard
Environmental protection materials
C5 Antiseptic Treatment
12 Month Global Warranty

We Care About Quality

In addition to various inspections during the production process, we also have final inspections, and moreover, we can also provide various additional inspection services.

ADV pay more attention to quality as you do.

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