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As a heat exchanger manufacturer, ADV can meet the different performance needs of each customer for radiators. In addition to customizing aluminum radiators on demand, we can also cooperate to complete the production of cores and accessories according to your business model.  


​Welcome to contact us directly to get more business cooperation models. We are committed to becoming your most reliable supplier.


Manufacturing with Custom Design

The plate-fin cooler is mainly composed of the core, the heads on both sides, the connecting pipe and the mounting bracket. The core of the vacuum brazed cooler is composed of a cover plate, a partition plate, a long seal, a short seal, and inner and outer fins. The components are brazed into a whole in a vacuum brazing furnace. The baffle is the basic heat transfer surface, the fin is the secondary heat transfer surface for enhancing heat transfer, and the seal is used for sealing.


How about the production process


cooler core?

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