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ADV Aluminum Plate Fin Air Cooled Heat Exchanger​ Products Range include: Air Heat Exchangers, Oil Heat Exchangers, Water Cooled Heat Exchangers, all of our products are under strict quality control process and with good performance capability during the application.

Aluminium Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

ADV full aluminum high performance plate fin heat exchangers can dramatically increases durability, eliminates solder corrosion, and reduces weight versus conventional copper-brass radiator designs. The radiator utilizes a controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) process resulting in much stronger tube-to-header joints compared to copper-brass radiators.


Aluminum coolers offer excellent corrosion resistance and flexible design capabilities with low pressure-drop. The result is an incredibly lightweight, efficient, and long-life durable product.

Whether you simply need a great looking, high performance radiator to a fully custom one designed from , ADV Intercoolers can fit the bill. Our design and engineering team is ready to assist you to make sure your radiator has the right fit and configuration, including all the features you need to make sure it performs to your high expectations.


Composed of partitions/fins/seals/flow guides, fins, guides and seals are placed between two adjacent partitions to form a sandwich, called a channel, which is stacked according to different ways of fluid , Brazed as a whole to form the core body, with the head/takeover to form the plate-fin heat exchanger.


Non-soldering bonding, solvent-based salt bath brazing, solvent-free vacuum brazing and gas shielded brazing.

Types of fins

1.Serrated fin 2.Wavy fin 3.Straight fin 4.Offset fin 5.Lourved fin

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