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What is the principle of plate fin heat exchanger?

Plate fin heat exchanger with corrugated plate month special function make the fluid surface along the narrow curved channel flow to break the speed change of the fluid velocity (Rc - 200) has a strong side to speed up the destruction of strengthening heat transfer fluid boundary layer improve the heat transfer ability and make it has a compact structure, low metal consumption of spiritual, heat loss, installation, operation, and check the unpick and wash, strong corrosion resistance, service life and other advantages.

Heat exchanger process by plate fin assembly according to the requirements of process and need technical work A plate B plate arranged alternately plate form reticular channel four holes form piping convergence between cold and hot medium sealing heat exchanger tube sealing washer with cold and hot medium to mix reasonable channel surface between cold and hot fluid flow upstream downstream process of cold and hot fluid pass partition for heat transfer process of plate heat exchanger combinations are assembled with the reversing plate with A single process combination process flow mixing process form liquid gas exchange process.

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