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What's the difference between tube fin&bar plate heat exchanger ?

With the wider application of heat exchanger in various industries, more and more people or companies are using it, they will face the problem of structure of heat exchangers.

So...what's the difference between tube fin&bar plate heat exchanger ?

Firstly-construction type

1.Tube fin heat exchanger


  • Light weight(fin+tube=inner passages)

  • High efficient

  • Lower manufacturing cost


  • Radiator core is thinner than the thickness of tank, with less heat dissipation area than bar&plate.

  • High possibility of leakage, not suitable for High Vibration or heavy duty working condition

  • Long developing time

2.Bar plate heat exchanger


  • Compact structure (External Bar+ Inner Bar + Inner Fin )

  • High Performance and longer using life

  • Higher Pressure Capability

  • Endure High Vibration Working Condition

  • No need tube modeling cost , can be customized in various sizes\


  • Compared with tube fin radiator, the radiator weight becomes larger and the cost increase