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Use and Maintenance of bar and plate Radiators

Do you know how to use ADV heat exchangers more efficient after you

received them? Please pay attention to the 8 points below.

1. Please keep the radiator clean to avoid blocking.

2. The radiator should not be close with any acid, alkali or other

corrosive properties.

3. It is recommended to use the water which after softening

treatment to avoid the blockage and the generation of scale.

4. If you need to use the antifreeze, please be sure to use a long

term anti-rust antifreeze which meet the standards, in order to

avoid corrosion of the radiator.

5. During the installation, please do not damage the fins or bump

the radiator to ensure the heat dissipation capacity and sealing.

6. In winter, in order to prevent the core from rupturing due to

freezing, it is recommended to let all the water out if the radiator

will not use for a long time.

7. If there are some spare radiators, please stored them in a

ventilated and dry environment.

8. Depending on the actual situation, it is recommended to clean

the core of the radiator completely within 3 months.


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